In the meantime, here is an assortment of cakes made for people I love in the last few years. All flowers are made from gumpaste. Big shout out to my friend Laura G, who taught me all I know, and made some of these with me (and vice versa).

Super Hero cake for our little 4 year old

Chocolate fishies on buttercream for my brother in law's graduation (Marine Biology)
Wedding cake in San Francisco

My Little Pony Birthday cake. All decorations, except ponies, are handmade. Frosting is airbrushed 7-minute frosting. Decorations are all gumpaste or fondant.

Carrot Cake filled with cream cheese frosting for Zoo-themed family birthday. White animals are pastillage stuck to Italian Meringue Buttercream. Cake board is floated in tinted royal icing.

Sugar tulips and leaves on a small cake. Basketweave done in Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Cutting cake for summer wedding
Jar Cakes filled with Buttercream. Individual wooden spoons tied with bakers twine.

Lace wedding cake with burlap flowers on handmade stand. Lace on cake is edible sugar (sugarveil)

Three-tiered wedding cake with sugar hydrangeas and humingbirds.

The groom's birthday cake

Basic two-tiered birthday cake iced in Buttercream

Owen's 2nd birthday cakes and cupcakes

Owen's third birthday cake
 Another third birthday cake

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