Monday, August 24, 2015

Redwood Garden Gate

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rope Baskets!

These rope baskets are so easy and so useful. I have been making them for all my favorite people.
What makes them best for holding baby toys is that when the baby inevitably falls on the basket neck first, the basket just crushes.

Montessori Low Bed, or What you do with a climbing baby

This four piece bed fits a standard crib mattress, and best of all, it has no screws or nails and comes apart in seconds.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Table Top Gas BBQ needs a sturdy Table!

My mom got a pretty nifty table top gas grill, but it needed a nice and sturdy, fairly high table to sit on under her covered porch.
We decided it needed to be just the right depth, and a bit wider than the grill so she could put down a plate of food.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby changing station for top of dresser

In frantic baby#2-nesting-mode, I decided that our master bedroom could hold no more furniture. Husband's dresser became the obvious place to make a changing table, so I measured it up and built a custom tray topper to hold all new baby's clothes, changing pad, diapers, ointments, etc. All of his currently fitting clothes and accouterments fit in this tray...we will see how long that lasts!

The stain color is a little off, but I already had it! In fact, the whole project was made from wood already in the garage, but probably cost $15 for lumber and $20 for the two little sheets of plywood, before staining.If you attempt this, be sure to add sticky felt pads to the bottom so it doesn't scratch your dresser. Also, measure from the front of your dresser to the wall, not just the top of your dresser. This way you can gain extra surface area between the back of the dresser and the wall.
Yes, I realize that is a big TV for a bedroom. It was on sale.

Was a super easy build that probably took 2 or 3 hours, plus one hour to stain. Used my Kreg Jig to assemble, and finished the bottom off with a really nice piece of plywood meant for cabinet sides and backs.

Used three 1"x 6" boards (6'), 24 self-anchoring screws, and two sheets of birch plywood.

18 inch doll's bunk bed

With 18-inch dolls all the rage with the Kindergarten set, I decided to make my niece a bunk bed for her dolls. Favorite color? Purple, of course! Plan adapted from You can find that plan here: Ana White's Bunk Bed Plan

The finished product

 The sheets, blankets and pillows

Sanded and holes filled

End supports with pocket holes

Starting supplies after cuts made. This lumber needed a lot of sanding.